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The journey of pregnancy for a majority of women is joyous and rewarding. However, at times it comes with its own set of problems such as shooting leg pains, hormonal imbalances, and constant toilet trips just to mention a few. Some women will also toss and turn the entire night because of lack of sleep. Accessories like a pregnancy pillow can help to ensure an expectant lady gets a good nights’ sleep. We will talk about some valuable information which will help you to choose the best body pillow for pregnancy period.


best body pillow for pregnancy


Why Do You Need A Pregnancy Pillow!

Pregnancy pillows are super mom-to-be products that come in an extensive range of shapes and sizes. These pillows provide a support system to the ever-changing curves of the pregnant body offering support in certain sleeping positions. They are particularly beneficial in the final stages of pregnancy when expectant ladies may find it difficult to lie on their tummy and back. These pillows are longer than the regular options which imply that they support the entire body. While holding your body, these ultimate pregnancy pillows will definitely take care of your comfort.




How To Choose The Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy


Know Different Types

The market has various body pillows which are at the same time, some ultimate pregnancy pillows that meet sleeping and relaxing desires of moms. You can assess your discomfort levels to determine the best pregnancy pillow according to your need. For instance, a lady who has back pains may not need the same product a person with pelvic pain. To meet these different issues, there are different options available such as:


Wedge shape

The smallest of the products, it is also known as a maternity cushion. You can slide it under the back or tummy or any other body part to get support as you sleep. You can either go for a crescent-shaped one or a triangular option. While sleeping, this pillow will provide a soft and gentle support to your tummy and back which will eventually help you to have a comfortable sleep.



Full length

These maternity pillows are long and made in such a way that you can curl them anyhow to suit your needs. They run along the length of the body and are great to embrace or hug as you sleep. You can feel high levels of comfort by placing your arms and legs around it as the center supports your belly. They come in straight or flexible options depending on your needs. In addition to offering support, it relaxes muscles enabling you to breathe better and experience enhanced blood circulation. You will not need to use any other pillow with the product.


Total body

These ultimate pregnancy pillows are available in C and U shapes, these are excellent for use during the second trimester. They help to prevent hip and back pain because they are long enough (5-6 feet) to tuck between knees. Additionally, they also offer incredible support to the spine. One of the best pregnancy pillows in total body shape is available from Todays Mom. These pillows are destined to give you the ultimate comfort in the pregnancy period and after that.




Pillow With Removable Cover

It is always better to have a pillow with removable cover. Especially, in the pregnancy period, moms need to be extra cautious about germs and bacterias. A removable cover makes it easy to keep the pillow clean. As these pillows embrace your whole body for a long time, these can absorb sweat which makes it challenging to clean. Removable covers are essential because they keep pillows hygienic. These pillows have a simple slip or zip instead of studs or buttons for easy removal. Many pregnancy pillows like Queen Rose pregnancy pillows come with a washable pillow cover.



Inner Material

Materials that are inside the pillows play a huge role when it comes to the quality of your sleep and giving comfort to your sensitive areas. These pillows come in different materials such as:

Styrofoam balls

These are tiny white balls that are found in most pillows because they are a viable option. The only con of styrofoam balls is that they make little noise when they are being moved or pressed; thus, these are not ideal for extended sleep. Probably for relaxing these pillows can be suitable, but not for sleep.

Polyester fiber

These are soft fillings that do not make any noise. The amount of fiber used typically determines the firmness of the product. The pillow offers incredible support allowing you to toss on the bed. The softness from the pillow extends the comfort to the sensitive areas of your body.


These beautiful balls feel like sand in the products. They have a soft and smooth feel, enabling you to move about the product with ease. Inside the pillows, there are millions of microbeads which allow you to make room for your body and adapt your desired shape.

Memory Foam

Memory foam pregnancy pillows or body pillows are right now the most desired product in the current market. They are known for their firmness and adaptability to the shape of the body that has been pressed on it. They are excellent in regards to reduction of stress from the pressure point, relieving of back pain, and body aches. Some of the best pregnancy pillows like Meiz Pregnancy Pillows are made of memory foam pillow.



Other options include therapeutic pillows, buckwheat pillows, and organic and natural feelings. Be sure to go through all the options noting down the pros and cons to get the one you will benefit from most.


Smell & Noise

Some of the pillows from market leave unpleasant odors and some of them make noise because of the inner materials. It is always better to leave such pillows because these pillows can cause uncomfortableness while sleeping. As mentioned above, that inner materials like styrofoam can be used for relaxation, but not for long-term sleeping because of the sound it makes while moved or pressed.



Depending on the size of your bed, it is advisable to go for bigger pillows which offer more support and comfort. Some of the pregnancy pillows come in C shape which covers a single side of your body while you sleep. However, U shaped pregnancy pillows are the most popular pillows as these pillows cover your whole body, but these pillows are huge in size and due to the big size, the weight of these pillows are more than any other options.



Even though many people prefer soft pillows, it is best to go for the firmer option that will give you the support you need. Although softer pillow options are deemed as the most comfortable, for long-term comfort, it is advisable to avoid those. The softer the pillow is, there is a higher chance of growing back pain. And in this period of pregnancy, growing such a chronic pain is completely undesired.

Additionally, you may want to invest in hypoallergenic pillows especially if you have skin issues or breathing problems.



Advantages of Using Body Pillow For Pregnancy


Promotes blood circulation

Experts advice pregnant ladies to sleep on their side because it helps to promote smooth blood circulation. However, because of the growing belly, a high percentage of women find the position to be quite uncomfortable. When using a pillow, you will find the much-needed comfort because it provides proper cushioning, and softness. Note that you can quickly adjust the pad so that it fits your abdomen and other parts of the body well.


PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow


Allows You To Get Adequate Rest

Pregnancy pillows do not only support the baby bump but other multiple body areas like the back, leg, neck, and hips, etc. something that can help to alleviate pain and stress which regular pillows cannot do. To cover all these areas, U shaped pregnancy pillows are the most suitable options. Because of this, you can benefit from getting enough rest so that you can stay healthy and be more prepared for the arrival of your baby. They help ladies to sleep in half fetal position which is ideal particularly for the ones who have neck or back pains. Most importantly, they limit movements while sleeping which assists pregnant ladies to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


Useful Even After Delivery

Use of pregnancy pillows is not only limited to when a person is expecting. You can still use it to get support when nursing the little ones and when sleeping. It is because they can help to relieve back pain for ladies and men as well. It can also act as a barrier for your child when they are on your bed because it can prevent them from rolling over.


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Going by the above information, it is evident a pregnancy pillow is not a luxury item for a pregnant lady; rather it is a need. As the bump grows bigger, they can offer a comfortable position that women can sleep in to make the pregnancy more bearable. We hope this article will help you to choose the best body pillow for pregnancy period of yours or your loved one.


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