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Best Travel Neck PillowsWe understand the hassle you go through with your sleep during traveling somewhere. Wrong placement of your sensitive head and neck during the sleep causes neck pain and headache. In that case, you are in for a treat today because we are going to highlight some of the best travel neck pillows available in today’s market. So, sit tight because it’s time to end the uncomfortable travel sleep for good.

In this extended article, we will select and discuss 10 travel neck pillows for you to choose which have already earned the respect and popularity from the users based on their features and benefits. While going through the best ones, we will also guide you through the tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing a neck pillow for you. We understand the hassle that you have to go through while purchasing a travel neck pillow because of the numerous options that are available in the market.

In this circumstance, our detailed and reliable reviews of 10 best travel pillows for long-haul flights or travel will definitely help you to streamline your choices into the best ones only from where you can choose one based on your requirements and desire. Because of the purity and reliability of our reviews, you can consider yourself in the right place to make the best decision. As a part of the bigger mission of handing over the best sleeping materials, we are going to discuss relevant information and knowledge that you need to choose your perfect travel neck pillow. So, without wasting a moment, let’s get into the discussion.



What is a Travel Neck Pillow?


Travel Neck Pillows _Post 02Travel neck pillows are specially designed for the people who are traveling somewhere. Usually, there are not enough spaces or arrangements for sleeping comfortably in a vehicle seat. Things can get worse when you are on a long-haul journey but you can’t sleep properly. As a result, you end up getting neck pain because you placed your head in a wrong position while trying to sleep, or a headache because of not having a perfect sleep.

In these situations, travel neck pillows provide excellent support to your head and neck, and at the same time, you can get a comfortable sleep whilst travel around the world overnight.




10 Best Travel Neck Pillows Reviewed!


ProductDetailsMaterialPriceBuy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow 01Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck PillowMemory Foam$39.99Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Travelrest Travel Pillow 02Travelrest - Ultimate Travel Neck PillowInflatable$24.95Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Crafty World Travel Neck Pillow 02Crafty World Travel Neck PillowMemory Foam$24.75Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Aeris Travel Neck Pillow 01Aeris Travel Neck PillowMemory Foam$24.90Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Air Comfy Travel Neck Pillow 01Air Comfy Travel Neck PillowInflatable$18.95Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow 02BCOZZY Travel Neck PillowPolyester & Polyester Blend$29.97Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_World's Best Travel Neck Pillow 01World’s Best Travel Neck PillowMicrofiber$10.99Click Here to Buy Now
Best Travel Neck Pillow_Smarterlife Travel Neck Pillow 01Smarterlife Travel Neck PillowMemory Foam$17.97Click Here to Buy Now
Enzo’s Private Selection Travel Neck PillowGel Memory Foam$29.99Click Here to Buy Now
FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Neck PillowMicrofiber$11.99Click Here to Buy Now


Also, while you are heading for exciting adventure seeking activities such as hiking, be sure to check out the suitable climbing carabiner from the market. Stay safe and be comfortable throughout the whole trip.



Cabeau Evolution Travel Neck Pillow


In the first position of our most popular travel neck pillows list, we have design award-winning Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow. This outstanding travel pillow has a unique shape and excellent features which have already won thousands of hearts. With the level of comfort offered compared to the price of the pillow, this neck pillow is one of the best companions while you travel.



First of all, let’s talk about the material that is inside in this awesome travel neck pillow. This pillow is equipped with high-quality responsive memory foam which provides top-notch support to the pressure points of neck and head. It prevents the neck from having any awkward Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow 02positioning or discomfort while sleeping. With the support of high-quality memory foam, you will feel like sleeping on the cloud.

This travel neck pillow has an ergonomic design that provides a flattened rear cushion for better support. The flat back of the pillow takes the shape of your neck and do not push your head forward. Moreover, it has a feature of 360-degree support which enables you to rotate the pillow as per your comfort for your sound sleep. For its unique design, this travel neck pillow has become suitable for all type of sleepers.

Now, let’s check what are the other things that come with this awesome pillow. In the pack, you will have a pair of memory foam earplugs which ensures a noise proof comfortable sleep. The travel neck pillow cover from Cabeau travel neck pillow is made of high-quality velour which is absolutely washable and it ensures clean pillow in every trip. This pillow equips a media pouch to keep mobile devices safe.

It comes in a travel bag which compresses the pillow to 1/4th of the original size which makes it convenient movement or packing while traveling. This great travel neck pillow comes in 10 color variations for you to choose from.


Good about this pillow:

  • Award-winning Design
  • High-quality memory foam
  • 360-degree support
  • Memory foam earplug
  • Washable high-quality velour protective cover

Attention points:

  • Sometimes the pillow gives you warm feeling while using


Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Neck Pillow


Next, in our list of neck pillows, we have another unique inflatable travel neck pillow which is offered by Travelrest. This patented unique designed pillow can definitely be chosen for your next trip. This pillow will not only give you the chance to sleep comfortably while traveling, but also you feel ultra comfort as it covers you till your waist.



Travelrest Travel PillowUnlike the list topper pillow, this travel neck pillow is inflatable and has a unique size. It provides full lateral support for the upper body of the user which provides relaxation to fall asleep, stay asleep and best comfort in travel. At the same time, it ensures proper support for head and neck alignment and protects heads from falling forward. Based on its unique features, this travel neck pillow is considered best for the side sleepers and chronic pain sufferers. Travelrest travel neck pillow is claimed as one of best travel neck pillows by renowned institutions such as Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, USA Today, Chicago Tribune and so on.

Talking about the inflated travel neck pillow, it takes just a few breaths to inflate the pillow and it takes just a few moments to deflate. In the deflated mode, it can be rolled up into a small package and can be carried to some other place conveniently. Not only inflatable but also, this pillow is washable in an easy manner. On top of all these, the company is providing 2years warranty to ensure top-notch customer satisfaction.


Good about this pillow:

  • Easy to inflate
  • Great support for neck and head
  • Recognized by renowned institutions
  • Can be rolled up in a small package

Attention points:

  • May not suit other types of sleepers except side sleepers

Crafty World Travel Neck Pillow


In the 3rd position of our travel neck pillow top chart, we have a comfortable travel neck pillow by Crafty world. This travel neck pillow has made its own customer base by living up to its exceptional features. The soft surface and inner material provide you the best comfort to your neck and shoulder.



Crafty World Travel Neck Pillow 01Like the chart-topper, Crafty World travel neck pillow is equipped with a soft memory foam which is tested to give you relief from neck pain, shoulder pain or upper back pain. Not only for traveling, this travel neck pillow can be used in daily life purposes in home or office. Moreover, not only for adults, this neck pillow suits elder people, even it suits the post-op patients and those people suffering from chronic neck or back pain.

Crafty world travel neck pillow is covered with a soft velour fabric and it is washable which ensures the freshness of the pillow whenever you need. This pillow has an elastic strap with it which makes it more convenient to carry while traveling from one place to another.

Crafty world is highly focused on customer experience and their satisfaction. Thus, the manufacturer offers 5 years 100% money back guarantee, if you feel uncomfortable with this pillow, then you can return it to them anytime and get your money back. Simply amazing confidence and customer focus!


Good about this pillow:

  • Equipped with soft memory foam
  • Covered with soft washable velour fabric
  • 5 year 100% money back guarantee

Attention points:

  • A very few customers expressed concerns about the firmness of the memory foam



Aeris Travel Neck Pillow


Like some other chart-topper of our list of travel neck pillows, Aeris is also offering a travel neck pillow equipped with soft high-quality memory foam. What made this product exceptional is the bundled product that the company has to offer to its customers.



Aeris Travel Neck Pillow 02As we mentioned earlier, this travel neck pillow is designed with the highest quality responsive memory foam. Being equipped with memory foam, this pillow provides the best comfortable support to your head and neck. Usually, normal memory foam gets warm after consuming the heat from your body, that’s why Aeris travel neck pillow is designed with ventilation holes for airflow. Not only for traveling, people are using this neck pillow in every place like home, office, kitchen and where not. This travel neck pillow is covered with a soft velour fabric which is washable in machine.

Aeris offers this travel neck pillow a product bundle which includes sleep mask, earplugs, carry bag and adjustable toggle. The bundled package makes it a perfect travel companion of yours. Moreover, Aeris is providing a lifetime free replacement guarantee for this pillow which again indicates company’s confidence on this travel neck pillow quality and a strong focus on customer satisfaction.


Good about this pillow:

  • Equipped with soft memory foam
  • Covered with soft washable velour fabric
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

Attention points:

  • Very few customers expressed concerns about the high thickness of the pillow


Air Comfy Travel Neck Pillow


If you are looking for a convenient and inflatable travel neck pillow, then you can easily choose travel neck pillow offered by Air Comfy. This amazing pillow is one of the best choices of travel neck pillows available to be your travel companion and no surprise, it is called the “Daydreamer”.



Air Comfy Travel Neck Pillow 02One of its kind one push button inflation features makes this travel neck pillow unique. It inflates within 60 seconds by pushing the one push button repeatedly and deflates within a moment after pressing the air release valve. Great thing is that you don’t have to inflate this pillow with mouth blowing.

Most interestingly, as you have the facility to inflate the pillow, you can decide how much firm or soft do you need. If you need softer then you can inflate it less, and it is the other way around if you need it firm. If you look closely, you can find two arches on both sides of the pillow. While inflated, these arches hold your head upright, releases stress from your neck and shoulder. Considering the comfort from the neck pillow, it is being used for travel, home, office; literally everywhere.

Air Comfy travel neck pillow is packaged in a luxurious soft micro-velvet pillowcase which is washable as well. Also, for convenient traveling, the pillowcase has a luggage clip as well which allows you to take the pillow anywhere hanging without any hassle.


Good about this pillow:

  • Great way to inflate the pillow by pressing a button only
  • Great support for neck and head
  • Luxurious pillowcase with luggage clip

Attention points:

  • A very few customers raised their concerns about poor release valve



BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow


Our next pick from the most demanded travel neck pillows list, we have another unique designed travel neck pillow by BCOZZY. Not only by name, this cozy travel neck pillow provides one of the best support to your head and neck while you are sleeping.



BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow 01This unique design of the pillow prevents your head from falling forward as it has a separate chin support portion. This soft travel neck pillow wraps gently around your neck to surround the whole area for best support to the neck, head, and chin. It is ideal for your airplane flight use, even you can use it in your home as well. You can twist and conform this pillow to your desired shape to make sure your head, chin, and neck are stress-free. BCOZZY travel neck pillow is available for both adults and child.

This travel neck pillow is filled with polyester and polyester blend which makes it really soft. You can have fresh sleep every time as the pillow is washable in machine. For your convenience, while traveling, there is a snap strap which allows you to carry it everywhere or else you can compress it and carry inside your bag as well.


Good about this pillow:

  • Filled with soft polyester and polyester blend
  • The pillow itself is washable in machine
  • Can be wrapped up around the neck in different shapes for your great neck support

Attention points:

  • A very few customers expressed concerns about the small size of the pillow


World’s Best Travel Neck Pillow 


Well, though we have pointed out our best travel neck pillows in the beginning, our next pillow’s supplier name is World’s Best. Without playing with the name, we can surely tell you that, by far this pillow is listed as the cheapest option in this travel neck pillows list.

World's Best Travel Neck Pillow 01

Not only price but also, this pillow has stunned everyone with its comfort. The inner part of the pillow is filled with microfiber which is the reason behind the soft and comforting nature of this pillow. This feather soft fill is also providing premium support and ensuring the durability of the travel neck pillow. The inner filling is wrapped in a super soft fabric which is giving plush and generous feeling even at this low price.

This travel neck pillow has been prewashed in a specific manner to get rid of the common allergens. To ensure your comfortable fresh sleep every time, you can wash the entire pillow every time before traveling. You can choose from 27 different outlooks of this pillow which are available on Amazon.


Good about this pillow:

  • Filled with super soft microfiber
  • The pillow itself is washable in machine
  • Very cheap

Attention points:

  • A very few customers expressed concerns about the firmness of the pillow



Smarterlife Travel Neck Pillow


Once again, like the chart-toppers of our travel neck pillows list, our next travel neck pillow is also made of memory foam and this pillow is presented by Smarterlife Products.



Smarterlife Travel Neck Pillow 02This smart U-shaped travel neck pillow is super comfortable for use while traveling and working both. As the pillow is equipped with memory foam, it provides a super comfortable support to your head and neck while sleeping. It provides proper alignment of neck and head while sleeping which prevents neck stiffness, headache, and discomfort. Not only while traveling, you can use it in your home as well.


The exceptional feature that sets aside this travel neck pillow is the premium look which is provided by the luxurious jacquard plush cover. This premium jacquard ventilated velour fabric ensures breathability which provides maximum comfort and luxurious feel. Also, you can have fresh sleep every time because you can wash the protective cover by hand. Smarterlife travel neck pillow is available in three stunning colors Soft Pearl Gray, Crimson Sky Red, and Deep Sea Blue. Moreover, you will get access to travel-related eBooks when you purchase this pillow.


Good about this pillow:

  • Equipped with soft memory foam
  • Covered by premium looking jacquard plush cover

Attention points:

  • Very few customers expressed concerns about the odor of the pillow



Enzo’s Private Selection Travel Neck Pillow


Next up, in the list of best travel neck pillows, is another premium pillow by Enzo’s Private Selection. Not only by the looks, but also this travel neck pillow impressed us by its features as well. With the extra soft memory foam and gel-filled layer allows the users to sleep comfortably regardless the place, time and situation.



Enzo's Private Selection Travel Neck Pillow 03Enzo’s private selection travel neck pillow is equipped with a premium quality memory foam which is designed to rebound within 3-5 seconds to come back in natural shape. In fact, the rebound time is the best among the memory foam. The uniqueness of this pillow is the cooling gel which is placed right on the top of the neck part of the pillow. It absorbs the excess heat while being used and in return, it reduces neck pain and muscle tension.

The cooling gel pad which is used here is A grade of cooling gel. It prevents the neck from getting overheated while sleeping. However, the cooling gel pad doesn’t interfere with enjoying the comfort of memory foam and you will not feel like sleeping on liquid. The travel neck pillow cover is made of 75% cotton and 25% polyester velour fabric and this fabric was chosen because of having thin multi-layer fabric. The travel neck pillow is cleaned in a special process to get rid of common allergens.

Enzo's Private Selection Travel Neck Pillow 02

The unique design of this travel neck pillow provides maximum lower neck support. Most interestingly, the seller of this pillow will donate 10% of profit to raise awareness about Global Warming along with World Wildlife Organization (Link) All the donation will go to “Adopt a Polar Bear” program which aims to save the natural habitat of the polar bear. At the same time, this great travel neck pillow comes with a 2 years warranty and a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Good about this pillow:

  • Equipped with soft memory foam
  • Equipped with a cooling gel pad to absorb the heat
  • Covered by premium velour fabric
  • Excellent program to help wildlife
  • Excellent warranty and guarantee scheme

Attention points:

  • There have been few customers concerns about the firmness of the pillow


FLEXi 4-in-1 Convertible Travel Neck Pillow


Our last pick of the travel neck pillows list is nothing like the other travel neck pillows that we discussed above. The exclusive 4-in-1 convertible travel neck pillow by FLEXi is unique for its design and features.

FLEXi 4-in-1 Travel Neck Pillow 01

FLEXi 4-in-1 Travel Neck Pillow 03This travel neck pillow is used not only for neck and head support, but it is an all-rounder in terms of convertibility. Due to its unique feature of convertibility, this travel neck pillow can be used for all types of sleepers. It is filled with microbeads technology which is responsible for the soft comfortable feeling while you are putting your body part on it. As you can adjust the pillow according to your need, the microbeads allow you to make the pillow firm or soft as you need it to be.

For freshness, you can unzip the outer cover from the pillow and wash it according to the instructions given with the pillow. To keep your pillow away from germs, you can use the protective pillow case provided with the pillow. For your convenience, while traveling, you can use the attachment loop to fasten your travel neck pillow to your luggage or bag.

On top of all these features, FLEXi provides 10 years of guarantee which makes it a safe purchase.

Good about this pillow:

  • Equipped with microbeads technology
  • Convertible into four different positions
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • 10 years guarantee scheme

Attention points:

  • Some customers complained about the too much softness of the pillow


How to Choose the Best Travel Neck Pillows

Let us talk about some of the important points that you should keep in mind while choosing a travel neck pillow from the market. These guidelines will help you to understand different checkpoints of a travel neck pillow, thus you will be able to make the best decision. For a detailed buying guide and other details of travel neck pillows, you can read our another article about the buying guide of travel neck pillow.


Different Shapes

Usually, travel neck pillows are found in shape of “U”. But there are other different shapes as well like “J” shape or long arch shape which goes over the shoulder. Depending on the shape of your travel neck pillow, your head and neck will receive support while you sleep. The “U” shape neck pillows avoid head to roll behind or in different sides when you are sleeping. But as time goes, these new shapes are starting to deliver more support than it was used to provide. The new “J” shape or long arch shape provide far more support to the head, neck, and chin. Some neck pillows also prevent your head from falling forward as well. You can take the BCOZZY travel neck pillow as an example. So, have a look at different shapes and their benefits before buying your travel neck pillow.



By now, you have got the idea of different types of filling that are given inside a travel neck pillow. It can vary from small microbeads to large memory foam. Some of the neck pillows are inflatable too. Based on the inside materials, the comfort and feel will vary. For example, if you select an inflatable travel neck pillow, then you can control the degree of firmness and softness by controlling the volume of air you are blowing or putting inside. But this is not the case for memory foam or microbeads neck pillow. Those pillows are surely flexible enough, but it limits your control to choose the level of firmness or softness. However, the manufacturers are focusing on soft materials like high-quality memory foam or microbeads technology to ensure the highest comfort while you are sleeping. Now it is up to you to choose the inside materials that you want inside your travel neck pillow.


Travel Neck Pillow Cover

Every time, you are going on a long flight and dream about a fresh good sleep, you may want to wash your pillow cover before your trip. Most of the pillows with memory foam or any other sort of foams come with a travel neck pillow cover. The washing instructions are usually given with the pillow cover.


Benefits of Travel Neck Pillows

Comfortable sleep

Air Comfy Travel Neck Pillow 05Travel neck pillow ensures proper support to your neck and head while you are sleeping during a journey. By providing all round support to these sensitive place, it provides a comfortable sleep to you.

Prevents neck pain, headache, and discomfort

Travel neck pillow keeps your vertebrae lined properly while supporting your head, neck, and chin. While providing this support, these pillows ensure that you do not rest your head or neck in a wrong way which can cause different issues. By this way, it prevents neck pain, headache, and discomfort while sleeping during the journey. As mentioned in everydayHEALTH, this benefit of neck pillow has been certified by a recent study on 128 people.



During your trip, weather can be an issue which may cause harm to the plan. While you are making sure to have an excellent sleep with these best travel neck pillows, we always suggest carrying a waterproof bag which will keep your gears and dresses dry and safe.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can I wash these travel neck pillows?

A. It depends. Some pillows can be washed along with the protective cover, but in most cases, you can wash the protective cover only according to the given instructions.

Q. I am a side sleeper, does this travel neck pillow suit me?

A. It depends on the shape of the pillow. Some of the pillow shapes are for every type of sleepers. But some pillows like the Travelrest travel neck pillow are suitable for side sleepers.

Q. Does the pillow become warm while using?

A. Some of the travel neck pillows have memory foam in it, but at the same time, these pillows have a ventilation system. One of the examples of this kind of pillow is SmarterLife Products Travel Neck Pillow. On the other hand, some pillows have a cooling pad to absorb the heat generated while sleeping on the pillow. One of the examples of this kind of pillow is Enzo’s Private Selection travel neck pillow. Please check the ventilation or cooling system before buying.



Based on this long but informative article about the most admired travel neck pillows, you can now purchase your travel companion at a hassle-free process as you know what are the things that need to be checked in travel neck pillow. Our advice to you will be to list down the requirement of filling, sleeping position preferences and most importantly, budget. Based on these criteria, you can relate to the given information in this article and select the best neck pillow that suits your requirements well enough. This article equips you with all the information necessary for purchasing the best from the current market. At the same time, if you are planning to go camping somewhere, make sure you read our review article about Best Camping Mattresses.

With this note, we would like to conclude our discussion on best travel neck pillows today. We hope that this article has been a great resource for you in terms of decision-making. Before purchasing any product, do remember to test products or check reviews to avoid waste of money and time. And finally, we would like to thank you for your visit and hoping to see you again.


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