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Buying Guide Of Memory Foam PillowsAfter a busy day, you wish to have a good sleep at night. To make sure you have a good sleep, you need to have the right pillow with you. There are different types of pillows available in the market but, the soft memory foam pillows are one exceptional kind of pillow. These pillows have a special characteristic which makes them stand out from others. These pillows are made from a special type of foam which are very sensitive to pressure and temperature. Because of having a special type of foam, these pillows mold, and shape according to your shape. With all these features in mind, you might be thinking where you can find a complete buying guide of memory foam pillows. Worry no more, we will be discussing this topic today.

While sleeping, what actually happens is that the foam automatically creates a mold around the shape of your neck, head, ears, shoulders and any other body part which it comes into contact with. The foam used here is polyurethane which is commonly known as viscoelastic foam. There is also another type of variants which is available in the market. These variants consist of small gel beads. These pillows have some more advantages than the traditional one as it provides less heat retention and thus providing you a cool sleeping surface. These are a little bit costlier than the traditional ones. We also have talked about the most popular memory foam pillows available at the market.


Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows


Relief from pain

Unlike the normal pillows, it provides you relief from neck pain due to its pressure point relieving nature. It also helps in relieving shoulder and back pain by allowing your muscles to fully sink and relax.


Spinal arrangement

Due to its property of allowing pressure and gravity to mold and conform, it helps your spine to stay perfectly aligned when you are sleeping on your side or back.



These pillows have hypoallergenic nature as the foam in these pillows has anti-allergic properties. Due to these properties, it reduces the chances of dust mites and also prevents you from severe respiratory problems and asthma attacks.



You can easily wash these pillows but you should read the manufactures manual first before doing this. Few pillows are not washable but you can remove their covers and wash them.



If you like firm pillows, these are made for you. Unlike other soft and plush pillows like bamboo pillows or down pillows, these have medium-firm density.



These pillows are known for the support they provide. It helps in keeping your upper body supported all over the time when in use.






Buying Guide Of Memory Foam Pillows


One-third of a person’s life is spent on the bed and that’s why it’s important to pick a best one. Here’s how to make the best choice when shopping for the pillow.


Identify your sleeping nature

The most important of all is to identify your sleeping nature. It’s about the position of your neck, back, and your shoulders. Pick one according to your height of neck and back, otherwise, it will cause restlessness. If you want to know more about approprxiate pillows for different sleeping positions, you can read our article here.


Know the softness you need

You can choose anyone which suits you the most from foam, synthetic and fiber-based pillows. It depends on the comfort you need while relaxing or sleeping.


Test it before purchase

Before purchasing, take a try by resting your head for at least 10-15 minutes and it will give you an exact idea; whether to buy the pillow or not.


Washable and hygienic

You will also need to wash the pillows or covers from time to time. Select the pillow, which you feel it will be easy for you to wash.


Different Types

Now you know your exact requirements, it’s time for some shopping. Select the variant which completes most of your requirements.

Below is a list of foam pillows and every variant has its own characteristics.

  • Contoured
  • Traditional
  • Wedge
  • Shredded


Again, contoured foam pillows are also divided into several ones.

Essentials Contour Pillow

If you are a person who wants superior support for the neck and head, you should go for essentials contour pillow. This pillow provides a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment. Also, it’s suitable for you if you are suffering from allergy. These pillows are completely washable and come with a removable cover. It’s very affordable even after having so many features.


CoolMax Contour Pillow

If you are primarily focusing on neck support, then it’s an ideal pillow for you. It comes with a temperature control feature and is suitable for you if you tend to over-heat during the night. It also provides you with a healthy sleeping environment as it has antibacterial properties. Like essentials contour pillow it has hypo-allergic features too.



Outlast Contour Pillow

This pillow will support both your neck and head. It comes with the same properties like above two pillows; i.e. washable and removable pillow covers and hypo-allergic features. In addition to these features, you will get special moisture and temperature control feature through which you can adjust the temperature.



Traditional Pillows

If you are simple and follow traditions, you should go for some traditional cluster pillows. As the name suggests, traditional pillows are the most common and familiar ones. These come in the most popular and common rectangular shapes. All the four corners or edges are stitched in a single seam. Another variant such as Coop Home Goods Memory Foam Pillows, come with the double stitch which makes the corners and edges fluffy. These pillows are widely accepted and are known as gusset pillows. These pillows provide more support to your head and neck area.



Wedge Pillows

These types of pillows are triangle shaped pillows. These are a slant in shape along with gradual slope. The usage of these pillows really depends on this slope. You can use it for adults as well as babies too. These types of pillows are extremely comfortable as they provide you warm surface. Even these pillows are highly recommended by the doctors to the patients who are suffering from asthma and respiratory problems. It will help you a lot if you are a book lover. It helps to reduce the load on the lower back while reading. Apart from the above uses these pillows are best known as pillows for pregnancy as they can reduce the stress on the lower back of baby bump.



Shredded Pillows

If you like to sleep in several positions, then it is for you. These types of pillows have an average height which makes it a better option to use it for any sleeping positions. These pillows are quite different from the above ones in shape and size. These are usually oblong. These come in different sizes named as King, Queen, and Standard. They got their name due to tiny compacted foam pieces of thousands of tiny shreds. The benefits of using tiny shreds are that it keeps the pillow cooler and doesn’t allow the creation of any heat trap.




In the above guide, we explained to you the benefits of memory foam pillows and how memory foam pillows can help you in providing a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment. We will suggest you to choose a pillow which suites you the most according to your uses. It’s not difficult to choose the right pillow once you know about your actual requirement. We hope that our article has been a great source of buying guide of memory foam pillows for you. We thank you for visiting our page and hope to see you on other pages.

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