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With the golden touch of technology and human conceptualization, in today’s market, we have a plenty of choices when we opt to choose a pillow. Among these pillows, one pillow has stood out from the pool for its uncompromising fluffiness and comfort; Down Pillow. For many decades, down pillows have been one of the favorite sleeping companions for people who love to have comfort and luxury at the same time. Before getting mesmerized by the softness of these pillows, one should how to choose a down pillow from numerous available options in the market.


how to choose a down pillow


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First, let’s have a throwback to what is a down pillow and what made these pillows so special. The main material of this pillow is the down particle which is actually the undercoating of bird’s feathers. From this reference, you can easily understand that the material is coming directly from nature and that’s what is making the original down pillows expensive. There are some reasons behind using the down particle such as the fluffiness. These particles provide 3X more fluffiness than the usual synthetic alternative options. The lightness of the particle itself is another reason behind the usage. Among many other variants of down pillows, the Hungarian Goose Down particles are considered to be the best quality. As mentioned that containing 100% down particle makes the pillow expensive, however, there are some cheaper versions available in the market which are made from a mix of down particle and feathers.




How To Choose A Down Pillow: 5 Crucial Facts To Check


Material mix

As you know by now that there are options of pillows with down only and a mix of down-feather. You have to understand your desired fluffiness and softness. Based on that, if you need the softer option, then go for 100% down pillows, specifically the Hungarian Goose Down pillows. Otherwise, there are plenty of options with a mix ratio ranging from 10% down to 80% down and another part of feathers. Just remember, the higher the ratio of down particle, the softer and fluffy the pillow will be.


Level of firmness

Your bedding system and body pattern matter a great deal when you are looking for sleeping materials. Based on your bedding system and body pattern, your pillow preferences will be changed to ensure the comfortable sleep. For instance, if you have small shoulder and you keep changing your sleeping position throughout your sleeping period, then you need to choose a medium level of firmness. From a whole different point of view, if you are sleeping on a very soft bed, then your body will sink into the bed, thus, you will be needing a softer pillow to keep the balance of your body.




Fill Power

It is the amount of space in a pillow in cubic inches that an ounce of down will take. The larger the down particle cluster, the larger the fill power is. Compared to smaller clusters, larger ones are known for their longevity and more soft feel. The fill power number varies from 600 to 800. However, don’t just avoid the smaller clusters or lower fill power. You may need to select those if you are looking for a firm option. Apart from that point of view, you are always welcome to select the pillow with the highest fill power so that the pillow can last for many years and provide the same fluffiness for long period of time.


Protective cover

These down particles and feathers are more prone to come out after using the pillow for a while. Thus, it is very important to select a protective cover with a higher thread density that will make it impossible for the feather to come out. A 300 thread density or higher than that ensures the durability of the pillow cover and the pillow itself. On top of that, try to select covers with 100% cotton for best comfort.



Last but not the least, you have to keep an eye on your budget as well. You already know by now that the 100% down pillows are more expensive. Also, at the same time, there are some other cheap options with high down ratio, but with a mix of the feather. Try to check the actual required level of firmness, height, softness. Once you have the narrowed down list, then you can pick up the one that matches with your budget.



Well, that’s one comprehensive checklist of how to choose a down pillow. As there are a bunch of different options available with different benefits, we always suggest to list down the requirements. Once the requirements are listed, then sort out the options based on that and the price line. We hope this checklist will surely help you do that sorting part and will make your shopping experience an enjoyable one.

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