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Ready for taking off for the next holiday? Driving across the city can be a tiresome journey if you wish to catch the sleep during the trip. Carrying a travel neck pillow can be the perfect travel accessory in this situation. This article is going to be handy for you as we are going to talk about the travel neck pillows buying guide and tips.

Travel Neck Pillow buying guideThese neck pillows are usually small and U-shaped pillows which cradle the neck to help in sleeping while keeping it in reclined or upright position. If you are looking for a comfortable sleeping solution during your travel, at the same time without wasting a hefty amount of money for seats that recline 180 degrees, then you can opt for these pillows. These pillows play a significant role in easing the pain of seating in an upright position for a longer period of time.

There are different types of neck pillows that offer good neck and head support for taking the burden off and enabling a general relaxation. This article will prepare you to select one from the best selection of memory foam neck pillow.

As much as we emphasize the importance of having travel neck pillows while traveling, we also want to suggest you carry a good quality sleeping pad and puffy blanket which will keep you safe and warm from harsh weather condition.





Types of Travel Neck Pillow

Memory Foam

Crafty World Travel Neck Pillow 02These pillows are made of high-density memory foam. They stand second to none in offering the most consistent and firmest support to the neck. It is possible to compress them to half of the actual size. Thus they are portable and you can stash them away at ease in the bottom of the luggage. You can even clip them together at the front of your luggage for ensuring that the pillow does not go missing while moving around. If you have already read our article on the most demanded memory foam neck pillows, then you know by now that these memory foam neck pillows are the most comfortable one amongst all.



World's Best Travel Neck Pillow 01Microbeads pillows are well-known for being lightweight and having U-shape that is filled with smaller polystyrene beads. They change shape along with neck for offering comfort and support during travel. They, however, do not sit up too high on the neck. Thus, there are chances of uncomfortable dips owing to those beads present in the pillow. There are chances that fabric will be stretching over the course of time indicating beads will be pushed out towards unpressurized sections, thereby removing support from the neck.



Air Comfy Travel Neck Pillow 01Inflatable travel pillows happen to be U-shaped too in general. You can inflate them to the desired level of firmness. They are the most comfortable travel neck pillows because of being lighter in weight and compact in size. Hence, they are considered to be a great option if you are a light packer since it is possible to deflate and fold them down to a smaller size.

They are regarded as the most convenient type of pillow which can be availed at the least cut off from the pocket. Hence, it is considered to be an ideal option for the budget travelers.


Recent Innovative Designs of Neck Pillow

Travelrest Travel Pillow 01A plethora of patented and innovative designs have come up in the market recently. There are styles which wrap across the front of the body in order to render support to people who tend to lean forward while sleeping such as the Travelrest Travel Pillow. There are even styles that are similar to the neck brace such as BCOZZY Travel neck pillows. The Trtl Pillow is comprised of warm fleece material and hence they are best suited for cool traveling. The neck brace offers the prerequisite amount of support. However, the level of comfort may differ from person to person.



Buying Guide & Tips

If you are giving a serious consideration to purchasing these travel pillows to make your journey a comfortable one, make sure to have a look at the below parameters in order to buy the best neck pillow:

Neck support

Have a tendency to tilt forward? Go for a pillow which clips up at the front. They can be a good option if you want to sleep during travel. If you require firm support for the neck, it is recommended to give preference to the inflatable or memory foam pillow.


Fleece materials are referred to be the excellent option for winter days. They are however not so great for humid or bumpy roads. Some fabrics may cause irritation to the skin. Look for cotton or smooth plastic fabric if you are planning a trip during summer days.


Most travelers tend to stick to small and lightweight pillows as they can be carried with ease. You can fold down inflatable pillows into a small square, thereby fitting them into small side pockets at ease. Memory foam pillows, on the other hand, can be compressed down to half the size. Microbead pillows are not a good option in this case as you cannot reduce them to size.


Spend some extra bucks and get a travel pillow that will go the distance for a long time. This is a prerequisite for those who travel frequently. Minor damage will have no effect on memory foam pillow. However, if you accidentally tear microbead pillow, you require replacing it. In case an inflatable pillow is torn accidentally, there are chances to repair the same with the aid of a patch.


Benefits of Travel Pillow

Perfect Travel Companion

Considering the difficulties to sleep during any travel, these travel pillows can be packed up as your perfect travel companion. These pillows are designed for supporting neck and head completely. Thus, they make your journey a comfortable experience.

Comfort of Travel Neck Pillows

Travel pillows usually consist of memory foam or microbeads that adjust to the shape of the neck. Hence, they are capable of adapting to any movement you make while sleeping. As this pillows will provide you with the comfortable sleep, you won’t find much difference with the normal pillows that you use back in your home.

Easy Maintenance

As an added feature, you can easily wash these pillows in your house. You can wash the cover present on neck support. This reduces the risks of germs, thereby improving the longevity of travel pillow. Most importantly, after washing, every time you can expect a fresh sleep from these pillows.

Prevents Fatigue and Neck Stiffness

These pillows come to your rescue during situations when you are willing to sleep on the seat but not being able to do so owing to the lack of space. With accomplished support while sleeping, these pillows stand out of the ordinary in preventing neck stiffness and fatigue. You will definitely feel better from neck pain after using these neck pillows. As mentioned in everydayHEALTHY, this fact is also certified by and a test conducted on 128 people.

Reduces Snoring and Sleep Apnea

These travel pillows will be keeping the neck in straight position, indicating that there will be no obstruction in the airflow. Thus, they are helpful for the prevention of snoring and sleep apnea.



With striking features to protect you from back and neck strain, travel pillows have become the number one choice for travelers to make their journey a pleasant and comfortable one. The choice of pillow depends on the personal preference and mode of travel. Educate yourself on the different aspects of travel pillow and you are going to find the best travel neck pillow that caters to your needs. If you are thinking of seeing the best ones available in the market, make sure you read our article about the most popular travel neck pillows article. We thank you for reading this article and hope to see you on other pages.

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