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What to Look For When Buying a Mattress Online?

Buying a mattress online can be quite easy. However, you need some deep thoughts before you purchase. The quality of mattress you settle for plays a significant role in determining how you sleep, your mood during the day and overall health. It is for these reasons that it is always recommended that you purchase a comfortable and high-quality mattress.

A good mattress offers excellent support when you sleep. It allows you to sleep well and promotes a good mood during the day. Even more, it enables you to function better. Today, there are many mattress stores online. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing an ideal store for your purchase. The internet also allows you to explore a wide range of mattresses including:

  • Innerspring mattresses.
  • Hybrid mattresses.
  • Latex mattresses.
  • Foam mattresses.

Therefore, as you plan to purchase your mattress, you need to familiarize yourself with available options. This will enable you to purchase a product that meets your personal needs. It is, however, good to note that your health is a prime factor to keep in mind when buying a mattress online. Below are important tips to help buy a mattress that will enhance the quality of your sleep and your health in general.

Tips for buying a mattress that will enhance your health

Sleeping position

According to health experts, there are different sleeping positions. They include side sleeping, back sleeping, and stomach sleeping. Your sleeping position is something you shouldn’t ignore when buying a mattress online. This is based on the fact that mattresses are made of different materials and they have varying firmness levels. In this light, you should know which type of mattress works best for you.

  1. Back Sleeper

If you are a back sleeper, this means that you assume different sleep positions. This is a sleeping position that is highly recommended and is excellent if you have a back or spinal problem. In this case, the best mattress to purchase is latex.

A latex mattress is not too soft or too firm but medium. This means that it naturally supports good posture during sleep. Furthermore, latex mattress allows for a balanced weight distribution while preventing excessive motion transfer.

  1. Side sleeper

If you are a slide sleeper, foam mattress is the best to go for. It is more comfortable and it enhances your sleep. While sleeping on sides comes with many benefits such as reduced cognitive disorders, you need to get the right foam mattress. This is in terms of size and comfort level. A good foam mattress will help you to sink in preventing neck and back pain. It also supports good posture to enhance the health of your spine.

  1. Stomach sleeper

As a stomach sleeper, you always have it easy on a mattress. Basically, you can sleep on any type of mattress. However, memory foam and an innerspring mattress are the most ideal. These mattresses support your body, prevent stiffness and reduce cases of back pain.

It is wise to note that innerspring mattresses play a crucial role in promoting spinal alignment, reducing pressure on shoulders and joints. Therefore, you should always get firmer foam or memory mattress to enhance your overall health.

  1. Mixed sleeper

You may also be a mixed sleeper who assumes side, back and stomach positions. In this case, a latex mattress is an ideal option to go for. This is because latex combines the spring features of an innerspring mattress as well as snugness of a memory mattress.

Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping habits also matter when buying a mattress online. While you may take this for granted, buying the wrong mattress can significantly affect your health. In this light, it is imperative that you should assess your:

  • Physical health.
  • Quality of sleep in mind.
  • Your employment status.

With that in mind, you should also understand that sleeping habits from one individual to the other. They include:

  1. Active sleeper

If you are a teenager or you are entering your early 20s, you are an active sleeper. This is based on your active and healthy lifestyle. This means by the time you are going to bed, you are tired from physical activities and not as a result of a medical condition.

Children are also active sleepers and it is always recommended that you purchase latex mattress. The mattress offers comfort and support to relieve pressure on the back and joints. It also relaxes muscles from lethargy and soreness.

  1. Early riser

If you wake up early and your work is strenuous or drains your stamina and energy, a memory foam mattress is the best to buy. It offers extra support to the whole body with more focus on the neck and shoulders. Keep in mind that strenuous tasks cause stress and with a mattress that offers room for relaxing, you will definitely wake up feeling more energized.

  1. Nap fanatic

If you love to nap during the day or when you get home, it means you sleep less. This can mean you snore a lot. In this case, you should purchase a highly supportive foam mattress as it has the ability to support your head and neck. It also manages the relaxation of your airway to significantly reduce snoring.

Size of Mattress

The size of mattress is equally an important factor to keep in mind when buying your mattress online. Always buy the right size based on the type of bed you have. There are

  • Twin size- can fit two adults.
  • Twin XL –ideal for young adults.
  • Full size – good for all; owing to the comfort levels it offers.
  • Queen size- good for adults, single sleepers and couples.
  • King size- good for large bedrooms, married couples.
  • California king – Biggest and most comfortable size on the market; good for you if you are 6 feet tall.


You should also focus on your budget when buying your mattress. Get a quality and comfortable mattress without breaking your budget. Compare prices online and get a store with great deals to save on cash.

Body weight

Your body weight can dictate how your mattress performs. In this case, choose a mattress that can comfortably accommodate your body weight for you to enjoy the best support of your spine, neck, hips, and back. If you weigh:

  • 150 pounds- get a medium firm latex or memory foam mattress
  • 200 pounds-go for medium firmness memory foam
  • More than 200pounds – go for a hybrid or innerspring mattress for the best comfort

Most importantly, always buy a hypoallergenic mattress.

With an idea of Mattress Genius’s list of best rated mattress, you should get a quality product. Customize your search for the best results.

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