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Write For Us

Our vision at Sleep Desires is to help our esteemed readers to select the best sleeping materials for them, know about different aspects of different sleeping materials and last but not the least, share different tips and tricks to get the suitable product for every reader. We are now accepting posts from individuals that can help us with this vision and are passionate about helping others with their sleeping materials and sleep problems.

Our readers are always looking forward to learning new things about sleep, sleeping materials, and how to get the best of it and so we would like to hear what you have to contribute. Also, by writing for us, you will get a chance to speak to thousands of readers and share your views and ideas.

Writing Guidelines

Before you write for us, there are some simple requirements that you need to follow so that we can understand that your precious article is suitable for our readers.

Be Original

Nobody likes to read the same article from different places because it does not add much value. It is important to make sure that whatever you write for us is fresh and original and that you have not and will not publish it anywhere else. It can’t be spun article and it has to be 100% Copyscape passed.

The message that you provide in your article should contain some value for our readers. You can provide information that can help them, guide them and get them better sleep. Since our site is all about sleep and sleeping material, we only accept articles on sleep-related topics such as:

However, we do not restrict you to specific topics, and so you can write on almost anything that is related to sleep ranging from sleeping materials to bedroom accessories. Also, we can accept overlapping topics as long as you can demonstrate how they relate to sleep. But, regardless of the topic that you choose to write, make sure that you make the piece interesting so that our readers will want to read it and share with others.


Writing for us is a great way to reach a broader range of audience along with your existing base. Day by day, our domain is getting strong and with your excellent contribution, we can grow even bigger. This means that your blog will benefit from our growing audience.

We’ll allow 2 do follow links. You can put those links in anchor text inside the article. But, we strictly prohibit any sort of revenue driving links or affiliate links. You can link your article to your site or any other articles from your site. Linking to your homepage or any informational article is absolutely fine!

Article Length

We are not very strict about word count, but we prefer that you make the piece at least 600 words long. We believe, it requires at least a range of 600-1000 words to explain a topic. But, you are free to make the article longer than this as long as you keep it informative and within the topic. Also, make sure that you divide it into small paragraphs because large blocks of words always make the post look longer than it is and this can discourage our readers from reading your piece.

No Sales Pitches

At sleepdesires.com we do not accept sales pitch and similar content.

We do not accept any guest posts that are commercial in nature, and we instead prefer informative content that adds some value to our readers and not just try to convince them to buy things that they might not need. And so as much as we understand and respect your need to promote your products we do not accept this writing style or type on our site.


If you make any scientific claims, it is important to ensure that they are authentic. And to ensure this, we require you to include references to the source of the information or original study. Also, make sure that any references that you include in your writing are from credible and reputable sources because this is the only way to make sure that it is reliable information.


We reserve the right to reject, edit or publish any article that you write for us.


Email your guest post to contact@sleepdesires.com. Then we shall discuss our steps next moving forward. In the email, please provide the following info:

  • Brief idea about the topic
  • The website you are representing
  • Also, you can write about some of the ideas that you can think off for future contribution


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